Tutorial Derma FX

UsingDerma FX to do a make simulating a cut.

First of all, remember that Derma FX has 3 colors here I use the light skin color, but the process is the same for others.

First choose the body part that will be applied makeup.

Choose the color closest to the skin tone, and remove the amount you think you will use the makeup.

If the color of DERMA FX is far from the color of the skin, do not worry, this can be solved easily. With your fingers to manipulate the DERMA FX until it is clearer and get to the desired tone or close to it.

Make a ball and place it over the desired area for the makeup.

Start the DERMA FX stick to the skin, taking care to use a blunt tool to hurt, do not need strength, because the FX DERMA sticks easily on the skin.

Spread to cover the desired area, leaving the edges of the finest possible.

After covering the entire area in the desired format, use one drop of oil to smooth and remove the tool marks.

Use your fingers to smooth.

Here's how it was smoother after applying the oil, you can also dampening the tools with oil to make it easier to work.

Using a blunt tool, take a risk in the FX DERMA where is the wound.

See how the initial cut.

Now you can open a little to simulate a wound cut deeper.

Pull small burrs to give more realism and impression tear.

Opening a little more.

Here's how it was then.

When you get the effect you want, apply makeup on top to match the DERMA FX skin tone.

Do not apply only in on top of DermaFX but in the whole area around, because it helps to disguise the makeup.

Here's how it was almost imperceptible difference in color.

Apply a little makeup to the red base.

Apply in the whole extension of the cut.

Now a little black to add depth.

Okay, let's put some fake blood for realism.

Take a small amount of blood and place inside the court..

Place the entire length.

Start adding the blood slowly, avoid exaggeration, as it tends to cover too much makeup and you will only see a red blur.

A good runoff is always welcome, especially if it's natural.

You can determine where either drained, place a large drop near the site and let gravity do the rest.

Do not use these materials to scares the people, they can have unexpected reactions, can suffer from heart or some other type of sudden illness.
NOTE: Apply a small amount of product into the skin and leave for some time before making a make-up, people with very sensitive skin may experience redness, if this happens, discontinue use.