Tutorial Waxpen


First of all, let the list of materials needed:
* 2 x 40W welders Western brand with wood handle;
* 1 Dimmer bi-volt brand A. Santos;
* 1 external outlet;
* 1 an 4x2 outlet box;
* Some screws that we see later.

Take one of the welders and remove the 2 screws from the tip that holdes the rod of the welder and resistance.

It should look like.

The wooden handle is broken and has a screw, unscrew the bottom and carefully remove the plastic piece that holds the wires.

By the end of the pull resistance welder taking care not to break the ceramic tube or some wire.

Strip the wire and release the power cord from the resistance, keep it in a safe place, because it will serve as a replacement if you waxpen burn.

In the section of pipe with the cable, we only need the wooden handle, then take a pliers and remove the metal pipe.

As we will not use this pipe, it's OK to smash it, hit the junction of the pipe with wood that he should come out pretty easy.

Ready now we have a welder that has not been tampered with and a wooden handle on the other we took apart.

How you did in the first, loosen the 2 screws and remove the welding rod, but do not touch the resistance at this time.

The intention here is to have a place to have a good grip like a pen, so we have to cover the metal pipe welder, make a measurement to cut a part of the cable 1/4 in below the screw hole.

He has to be more or less like this.

Now we have to make the metal pipe to break into the pipe, use a drill for wood or metal 10 mm and enlarging the hole in a wooden handle until the pipe from inside.

Remember he has to go through just to stay loose and not inside the cable.

It has to be so, with the holes of the screws out.

Replace the screws and the rod in place.

As a pen.

Now the temperature control (Dimmer). Mark the holes in the place where will be the dimmer in the 4X2, because of the spaces where the conduit will perhaps not be centered.

On the opposite side, make a hole to pass the cord from the 1st iron that you collapsed.

Pass the wire and tie a knot to hold it inside the box./div>

Make the connection according to the instructions of the dimmer manual, but instead of the lamp have the outlet..

With two screws, nuts and washers secure the outlet in the holes you made.

Place the dimmer on the box holding the 2 tapping screws.

Ready! This prepared the Wax Pen, now is just put it for work.

You can make custom tips, how we use 2 welders, we have 2 points, here I tuned them to a fine features. You can make specific tips for your WaxPen according to your needs.
Remember: We used a Bi-Volt Dimmer, he has a green wire that cut transorm the dimmer at 110 volts, in this case left him without cutting, or at 220 volts, because I do not want too hot and you should leave so and should not use the dimmer at full power because it will end up burning out that around the wooden handle and heating the area where you get.